This twentieth anniversary issue continues the dream of a young boy who, impatient of waiting for monthly periodicals to follow the adventures of his favorite comic book hero, decided to create his own publication to send to his loyal subscribers and contributing friends. Since those first four issues, much has changed, but the dream has somehow remained the same.

The excitement of then receiving and opening an eagerly anticipated magazine - my mind spinning as I speculated on the fate of its characters — is one that has driven my work ever since. Be it in architecture, film, or pastry, constructing an experience which balances light and shadow, gravity and grace, textures and temperatures is first and foremost about recreating that excitement which sparks our imagination to transcend the realm of reality. Once activated, every project becomes an adventure whose mystery stirs wild connections in our imagination — the theater of our minds — to become animated through our own projections and dreams — to live within us.

The Journal des Rêves is a work of childhood enthusiasm and friendship. By bringing together submissions from close friends, this issue sketches a network of projects, ideas, and fantasies, alongside staple characters from its original four issues, which I hope will reconnect its readers to this sense of freedom and imagination so important to dreaming.

Savinien Caracostea, Editor in Chief